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Paper | thesis | research support

Paper, thesis, project:
get it done!

Writing papers and doing research. They’re part of all studies. And they’re not everyone’s favourite.

Now imagine a situation and place where you can work on your bachelor or master thesis (or papers) for a week, or maybe even a bit longer. Just you, your laptop, data and literature, and tranquility. And: attention and support whenever you need it. 

Sounds good? Then this study retreat is just right for you.

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What is this about?

First and foremost: a quiet and inspiring environment in a lush and green valley that provides you with the opportunity to work on your project pleasantly and efficiently. Add to this the personal support available and the possibility to discuss your work with possible other students. You would benefit from our research experience, and contentful support in an array of topics and disciplines, ranging from social and educational sciences to business administration, politics and medicine. Plus: nice weather, lots of light, and fresh air. Precisely what you need to make progress. 

You will stay in our country house in Alcalalí in one of our private rooms as ‘part of the family’. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Coffee and tea are available throughout the day, en we provide you with a snack to make sure your energy levels remain adequate. Also, the travel from and to the airport (Alicante or Valencia) is included. You just bring your books, laptop, data and other material you need for your project!

If you want to, you can take a break to walk around the village or hike up the mountain. The country house also offers a mini cinema, pool table, outside pool, olive garden and lounge. For more info you can visit the Castell de la Solana website. 

Would you like some extra support in advance and / or afterwards? For example with structuring your literature search or review, or with APA and editing? Or only some support to get you (back) on track, because you think you can do without a full week? Then you can choose for an extra Support+ package of 10 hours of support with your texts or other bottlenecks (e.g. in the form of a Skype or Facetime chat, etc.).

You want this?

This study retreat is offered year-round. Simply send us a message to check if your specific preferred dates are available. 

This package contains your week-long stay, meals, and of course the professional support, for only 1595,- euros. This includes the airport transfers here in Spain. A Support+ package costs 399,- euros.

With this study retreat,

together we make it happen.

Saskia, MSc cognitive psychology, University of Amsterdam

“The thesis support was a great solution for me! The support will not only guide your writing but also in the mental process involved in writing a thesis. It motivated and energised me to complete an interesting and nice thesis that I am proud of!”

Lachlan, B.MIC (Media, Information & Communication), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“I had a great concept in mind, but it was difficult to crystallise the ideas into something concrete on paper. After a number of drafts, I asked for support. Together, we further scaffolded the concept and made the right adjustments, to get back on track again, and finally I was able to complete it perfectly!”

Victoria, BA Hospitality Management, Hotelschool The Hague

“After postponing my thesis for a few years, the thesis became a burden that weighed heavily on my shoulders. With some luck I was linked to Maarten, who motivated me to pick up where I left my studies a few years ago. The direction I lost, was given back to me by Maarten. He supported me better than any Hotelschool teacher ever could. With Maarten’s help I was finally able to graduate.” 


Please feel free to contact me at any time via or LinkedIn.

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